Yoga Ancient Practice Younger for You

Yoga Ancient Practice YoungerHave you been searching for ways to look and feel younger? Don’t worry. You have at least one thing in common with the rest of us-you haven’t discovered a fountain of youth. If you had, you’d be busy bottling that magical water rather than reading about yoga, right?

But don’t be discouraged! Here are some surprising things yoga can do for you.

One: Increased energy level – You have a life force called “chi” flowing through your body. Yoga allows you to find out if that energy is blocked. You will learn how to free up this vitality and rejuvenate your spirit.

Two: Flexibility – If you’re not quite as limber as you once were, yoga practice will help. You’ll be more active and less vulnerable to injuries. You’ll even heal more quickly if you do get hurt-just like you did when you were younger.
Three: Better Sleep – According to Alejandra Chaoul-Reich, a graduate student at Rice University, yoga practice can help you sleep better-no pills, no warm milk, no sheep. Take hold of your mind. Manage your thoughts using yoga meditation. Then use specific relaxing poses to invite sleep.

Four: Stress relief – Simultaneous muscle stretching and focused breathing benefits you in two ways. Tense muscles relax while you release emotional stress. Rediscover your calm, youthful state of mind.

Five: Weight Loss – Revisit your younger and lighter days. You need not choose a strenuous type of yoga, to shed some pounds! With a gentler practice, you’ll become more aware of which foods your body really needs, and your diet will change.

Six: Younger-looking Skin – Save some of the time and money you invest in age-defying creams and cosmetics. Deep yoga breathing oxygenates your whole body, giving your skin a rosy glow. There are even facial yoga exercise that reduce wrinkles!
Seven: Improved Mood and Attitude – When you practice yoga, you won’t just learn good posture and deep breathing. You’ll train your mind. With time, you will gain more control over your thoughts. This flexible thinking will affect your mood, and in turn your attitude. Free yourself from those older ways of thinking-don’t get bent out of shape.

Eight: Boosted Immune System – Dr. Jeff Migdow, a physician who specializes in the treatment of allergies and other immune disorders, found that therapeutic yoga like Yoga Chi for Energy does more than relax you. It allows you to fight off the germs, infection, and illness that can age you prematurely.

Nine: Better Sex Drive – Renew your sex drive. You and your partner can re-experience the intimate connection of your younger days. Yoga practice makes you more flexible and stronger, while it improves your circulation. Blood that reaches tiny nerve endings intensifies your satisfaction!

Ten: Focus Upon Your Goals: Practicing yoga takes discipline. And you will carry the good habits and wisdom with you. Watch the positive changes affect your life. You can apply the same focus to attaining any other goal.

Enjoy exploring yoga!

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