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Meditation students often come to me and ask what they can do to improve their meditation. Success in meditation is now not the result of any one single component but depends on sustained and systematic effort over a period of time. However, there are a few tips for meditation, that will help you to improve your performance, regardless of the meditation method that you follow.

1. Prepare your body for meditation

Your physical condition has a superb have an impact on on your mind. This is real for your day to day activity, however even more so when it comes to meditation. You can prepare your body for meditation by way of consuming the right food, and by coming to meditation with an empty stomach. Eating the right food, capacity food which strengthens the physique however does not have any negative have an effect on on the mind. If you devour merchandise that make the idea stupid or over-stimulated then it will be plenty harder to meditate. And anything your weight loss plan is, when you take a seat down to meditate, it must be on an empty stomach. That is why one of the excellent times to meditate is in the morning, before you have had your breakfast. Another right time is in the evening, earlier than the nighttime meal.

2. Prepare Your Mind for Meditation

Just as your physique need to be prepared, so need to your mind. Before you start meditation you ought to persuade yourself, that this duration of meditation is your time for private growth, and that it is important, as necessary as anything else in your life. When you shut your eyes to meditate, you should now not jump up to reply the phone, or get equipped to depart your meditation due to some moderate disturbance. If you persuade yourself of the significance of meditation, then your instance will additionally persuade others round you and they might not disturb you at some point of meditation. So, take into account your durations of meditation are one of the most essential components of your day by day routine, and treat them as such.

3. Sing Before Meditation

The Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore as soon as said, “God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing.” That explains the location of track and song in all the incredible religious traditions. Before you begin meditation you can sing religious songs, whose which means elevates your mind. It does not rely if you have “good” voice or a “bad” voice, sing from the heart, and your thought will go to a point that will be the best beginning point for your meditation.

4. Sit in a Proper Position

Remember when you have been in college and the trainer appeared around and saw any one slumping in his or her seat, and she said “sit up straight!” She had a desirable point; when the back is straight the idea is alert. Sit in a role that will keep the returned straight. Sit with go legs in a simple position, or a half-lotus or a full lotus. In addition to making the idea more alert, these positions help you to rest the various motor organs, and furnish a peaceable bodily base for your meditation.

In the beginning these positions might also appear hard or uncomfortable, however if you can get used to them, they will help you to deepen your meditation.

5. Follow the Meditation Instructions Exactly

Remember cautiously what your meditation teacher taught you and do your pleasant to lift it out, exactly according to the instructions. Don’t test and make up your very own method. The a number structures of meditation are primarily based on heaps of years of experience, so you don’t have to try to discern out what to do. Take advantage of the age-old information of the past, and you will make rapid strides closer to a shiny future. If you have forgotten any phase of your meditation method, go and see your instructor and get a overview of your lesson.

6. Be Regular in Your Meditation Practice

This is one of the key factors to success. Meditation works, if you work. If you only do meditation as soon as a month or on whim, when you feel like it, then it will be impossible to be successful and realise the advantages of meditation: intellectual clarity, inner peace, love for others and spiritual awareness. Make meditation a section of your daily routine. Just as virtually as the solar comes up every day, do your meditation except fail. Fix a time for it in the morning and night and do it on a regular basis If you get into the habit of doing your practice regularly, then you have taken one of the single most important steps in the direction of success in meditation, and indeed, in your life.

7. Be Patient

“Rome wasn’t constructed in a day,” and in a similar way you can’t make impressive adjustments in your persona or in your spiritual lifestyles in simply one sitting of meditation. Don’t be discouraged if you sense that nothing is happening. Meditation is a subtle art, the changes come slowly however surely. Keep on working towards and your meditation is sure to deepen and you will certainly be successful.

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